Bathtubs, Hitch Hiking and Life

Some ideas where to go, what to do and how to live life…

1. If you’re going to have a fire lit bath on the beach and watch the moon rise in the most spectacular way that you’ve ever seen, start the fire before the sun goes down and expect it to take 3+ hours to get the fire going and heat up the water. Also… have enough wood to keep it going so you don’t have to continue to run around like an idiot looking for fire in the dark. But it’s totally worth it because it’s the most wonderful bath you’ll ever experience. I’ll give you a hint to where this bath is, it’s in the south island near Abel Tasman at a lovely little camp ground.

2. When picking up a hitch hiker, do it on purpose and not because you’re pulling over because you’re lost and then let them convince you to drive to Cobb Valley, which is in the middle of no where with no service and it’s cold and super windy and just basically crap. So the hitch hiker was Julien, who is a 20 year old German with more energy than anyone I’ve ever met. He ran to the top of a mountain, took selfies and was back down within 2 hours. Still had enough energy to do it 5 more times. It ended up being quite an experience though, you learn that you have to continue on your path and if your first instinct is that you don’t want to do something, then don’t do it!

3. Caravaning isn’t for everyone. “Yeah, we’ll leave in 5 minutes and meet you there…”. 2 days later, you still haven’t met up. But, you will eventually,  just not according to your plan. They’ll end up having one experience, you’ll have another and in a few days, weeks, whatever… you’ll see each other again!

4. The nicest hostels aren’t always the coolest. Now, they are the most beautiful and you truly feel like you’re staying in someones home, which is great when you are traveling. But, you tend to meet the coolest people and have the most fun at the cheap, semi-run down hostels. You meet people that you’ll get to know and have a ton of fun with for a few weeks, then there’s the people who will always been in your life and you’ll see again in another part of the world. It’s truly amazing.

5. Hitch hiking. Now. My mother has been a bit upset when learning about the hitch hiker that Kaitlin and I picked up (wondering who Kaitlin is? You’ll find out eventually), well anyways, my mother was so upset! I tried to tell her that she watched way too much news and that there’s really nothing to be worried about, but she still can’t handle it. I told her my plan to travel up to Cairns after harvest in April, which is to take off and just start driving. Kaitlin might be with me, she might now. I might meet someone else from harvest to travel with or I might meet a backpacker who needs a ride for a bit. I have no idea, but she definitely didn’t want to hear it. Even though I’m 25 and could have kids and a house and all sorts of stuff instead, it scares her more that I’d be traveling and meeting people instead of being in my comfort zone. It scares me to ever be afraid to leave my comfort zone.

6. If you don’t like a job, leave. Quit. Find a job you like. Don’t do anything that doesn’t make you happy. There are plenty of jobs all over the world if you just look. And go where ever you want to go! Save up money, buy a plane ticket and go. Seriously, it’s that easy.

You’re welcome 😉

Koalalalala! Did you know that they sleep 20 hours a day?! I wish that was socially acceptable sometimes...
Koalalalala! Did you know that they sleep 20 hours a day?! I wish that was socially acceptable sometimes…
Bungy Jumping... Basically, just do it.
Bungy Jumping… Basically, just do it.
Last harvest at Wither Hills, picking some grapes for the Port wine.
Last harvest at Wither Hills, picking some grapes for the Port wine.

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